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 How It Started And Where It Is Going

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PostHow It Started And Where It Is Going

Hello, I am Damien Carter "DSC Racing" and I am going to give a little insight into who I am and what I'm about..

I am 28yrs old, I was born into a family of racers and mechanics. I started a a young age racing BMX bikes and racing Gokarts. In 1996 I built one of the East coasts fastest Honda's ran a best of 11.8 in full street trim. And made some what of a impact in the original street racing scene.. "Stupid I Know" Then after having a few of my hondas vandalized I decided it was time to buy a new platform that the low lifes around would have no use for.

With very close friends owning Evo's, Sti's, and a Srt-4 as well as working at P1performance one of Charlotte N.C.'s biggest import tuning shops at the time, I soon saw great potential in the lesser priced Srt-4. So with my mind made I bought a '04 flame red srt in November of '03, I felt the car responded very well to my driving stye. After adding loads of carbon fiber to set it apart from other flame reds, I insalled a GT3040R turbo with a piggy back computer. After a year or so being content with less than perfect performance I changed out the exaust manifold and went to a AEM full standalone. With this set-up I managed to run a 11.1 @ 132 on a stock Intake Manifold, Head, Block and Axles!!! Thanks to months and months of tuning by my very good friend the late "MARK RILEY" of Turbo Tune.

Shortly after running the 11.1 pass the number four rod was feeling a bit Claustrophobic and decided to make its own air hole out the front of the block! Poor little guy. I then built the motor using all DCR "Darrell Cox" parts and installing a hydraulic throw out bearing I put the car on the ground before I realized my Clutch Masters stage4 was worn to much to work with the new hydraulic throw out bearing... Knowing Darrell Cox and wanting to go faster, I chose to go with the best.. a DCR automatic transmission!

After dropping my car off with Darrell Cox I received a call from Darrell asking me of what are my long term goals. Knowing of my passion for going fast, Driving, and having a overall good light hearted time Darrell offered to sell me the HotRod Srt-4. Truely a dream come true! A methanol burning 1900lbs Beast!

Now on to the rebirth of the "Worlds Fastest SRT-4" Working side by side with Darrell we chose to showcase some different DCR set-ups the 1st would be the two stock srt TD04 the Evil Twins... After lifting the head a half dozen times we realized our air temps where igniting the meth in the intake manifold. The DCR Twin Turbo set-up is a awesome street car system making over 600whp on pump gas, But on a RACE motor the head flowed more than the exaust manifold would allow.

Having the car down waiting to install the mammoth 42R snail I have started a make over to turn heads where ever the car goes... Cleaning, Repainting, Coating, and Polishing every nut and bolt! I will also be adding flared fenders, New Paint and or a Body Wrap..
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How It Started And Where It Is Going

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